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BLOG: Buying Tips 1 - Get Pre-Approved!

By Allen Johnson Real Estate | 2.12.2020

Spring is the hottest time of year for real estate in the Puget Sound area - and this year it's come early! Because we are dealing with an inventory shortage in an already competitive season, the pressure is on for buyers. If you're looking for a home, fear not. This spring we will be writing a series of blogs to help buyers get their dream home in a busy market.

This week's tip, as the old saying goes, is that "fortune favors the prepared mind". If you're planning to buy, meet with your mortgage lender far in advance of your home search. The lender will analyze your personal financial situation to establish your maximum buying limit, what type of loan you'll be able to use, and what your monthly mortgage rate will be.  If you don't have a lender, Ben and Allen can put you in contact with some industry professionals. This step is important because each pre-approval letter will be submitted alongside your offer to prove that a bank is ready to loan you funds. Without a pre-approval letter, sellers can't be certain if you have the funds to back up your offer. The goal is to convince the seller that you're the "real deal", and that your offer won't lead to hiccups down the road. Meeting with a lender as early as possible will give you the best chance at submitting that winning offer!

We'll have more tips this spring, so stay tuned. As always, contact Ben or Allen with any of your real estate questions!