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BLOG: Buying Tips 2 - Do your homework!

By Allen Johnson Real Estate | 2.25.2020

There's a lot to consider before you make an offer on a home, so where do you start? Once you're ready with your pre-approval letter (see blog #2 for more info) and a home has caught your eye, there are a few key steps to take to ensure it's the one for you. Take a look below, and feel free to send Ben or Allen an email with any questions!

First, make sure you (and your husband, wife, partner, etc) visit the home in the DAYLIGHT. Photographs online rarely do the home justice, and in some cases are edited to hide flaws or age. Take the time to tour the home once with Ben or Allen, and check to see if an open house will be held too. A second visit can make the difference and help you get the feel for the home.

Secondly, read the seller's disclosure form. The NWMLS requires every home listed online to also include this form, which discloses all physical defects with the property. The disclosure form also lists any boundary line issues, past work, and upcoming work. If a home catches your eye, just ask Ben or Allen to provide this form for you - we'll look over it too. 

Third - don't be afraid to ask questions! Your agent and the agent selling the home are here to keep you informed, so make sure to ask for information.

Thanks again for reading, and send us an email or a phone call for any questions!